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Living Namaste

Photography &

Spoken Word Poetry

At a time when images of violence and words of division cut into the soul of humanity, Beer and Schwabenland have used poetry and photography as a way to reconnect with honor, respect and dignity. It all begins with the conscious awareness of the first words spoken in welcome. Around the world, the greeting carries wishes for health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Beer and Schwabenland set forth on an amazing path of beautiful discoveries and wise transformations when the greeting is lived out and fear is countered with enthusiastic curiosity. One simple yet powerful mindfulness technique can open doors to the world and transform relationships. Partial Proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to Doctors Without Borders and The Untours Foundation.

Review By Bob Krist, National Geographic Photographer, Sony Artisan of Imagery:
"The poetry and photography in Living Namaste are a celebration of world culture and the power of travel. Authors Schwabenland and Beer delight in the rich diversity of the human experience that travel reveals to us, but they also remind us , in verse and in image, that underneath this diversity is the commonality of the human spirit. No matter what we look like, what religion we follow, what clothes we wear or rituals we perform, the one unifying thread of our common humanity is to love one another and to appreciate the moment in every encounter. This is a refreshing and powerful book about gratitude and appreciation, and one that can be read with equally beneficial effects before heading out on a trip around the world or around the corner to the grocery store!"

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Book Reviews

This book transported me to a spiritual place of tranquility and peace while giving me a sense of convivial kinship with everyday people across the globe. By reading the beautiful words and viewing the stunning photographs, one is reminded that people of the world are similar despite having different skin colors and living in different cultures in geographical settings across the globe. While reading it, one is reminded that we truly are one in spirit. The book is provocative and joyful and elicits a stepping-off point to expand one’s perspective and insight. It offers hope for unification, decency, and a sense of camaraderie in a divided world. This wonderful read invites us to open our hearts to embrace and project kindness. Readers will be enticed to revisit this delightful work again and again, each time with fresh eyes. Namaste.

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