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  • Frances Schwabenland

Philadelphia, Home Sweet Home

Updated: May 7

Roots and wings, intertwined, they dance,

In the rhythm of life's endless expanse.

Roots delve deep, grounding us firm,

Ancestors' whispers in each turn.

In the soil of heritage, we find our song,

Echoes of those who've journeyed long.

Their stories, our compass, guiding light,

Through the darkest hours of the night.

Yet wings unfurl, yearning to soar,

To explore horizons never seen before.

In dreams, we paint the sky anew,

With every possibility, every hue.

Roots tether us to what's been known,

While wings beckon us to the great unknown.

Between earth and sky, we find our way,

Balancing the past with each new day.

So let us honor the roots that ground,

And embrace the wings that make us unbound.

For in the union of roots and wings, we see,

The essence of what it means to be free.

I love the saying, "Roots and Wings" because I feel it captures my spirit perfectly. I so treasure my travels and all that I experience and the people I have come to call friends but there is something so special about returning home. Philadelphia is the city I proudly call home. My photography has covered the far and wide and I felt something was left out since I wasn't doing justice to the place I keep returning to. So, over the past few weeks, I have been photographing around my town and loving it! There are so many beautiful spots here that I feel fortunate to be able to capture and share!

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