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  • Frances Schwabenland

The Algarve Region of Portugal

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

In the most southern region of Portugal lies famous cliff backed beaches known as the Algarve. Many photographers and cinematographers use a very popular colorizing technique coaxing out the orange/teal combination in their work. These are complementary and harmonious colors which can make the image "pop"! Nature is such a gifted artist and here in the Algarve, harmony and beauty exist between the orange hue of the cliffs and the hues of the Atlantic Ocean.

From the cobblestone streets of the cities, this is a calm and relaxing transition to explore another beautiful region of Portugal. Here, adventures can happen from above the caves.

Take a boat ride and go into the small beaches hidden inside and enjoy the swim!

...or dive into the warm water from the cliffs.

After taking it all in from the boat, travel to one of the small towns and sit in the square enjoying the view, listening to the music of a street performer all while eating delicious food. This is referred to as the Santorini of the Algarve.

Or just spend the rest of the day walking or reclining in a beach chair that is already set up for you! It was 88 degrees F when I was there in October and never saw a drop of rain!

When you feel relaxed and restored and ready to take on the world, I suggest a full day Jeep Tour sponsored by Portitours. Bring a pillow to sit on because Jeeps are not known for their shock absorbers! Take in the small towns in the mountains, a distillery and enjoy a local delicious lunch. Algarve offers so much and I never wanted to leave!

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