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  • Frances Schwabenland

A Glimpse of Christmas in NYC

There is sheer magic in NYC at Christmas. Macy's is dressed with creative winter scenes with people moving from window to window with huge eyes and smiling faces as their wonder and imagination is stoked. The Rocketts are American Icons which first appeared in 1925. Generation after generation have made this ritual holiday outing to Radio City Music Hall. I saw little children dressed in their red plaids and velvet dresses holding the hands of their parents and grandparents. The show at Radio City has the most exquisite combination of precision and technology. Snow fell from the ceiling. Colorful streamers made their dashing air born flight into the audience and everyone covered their eyes with the cardboard 3D glasses to feel as if we were all in the sleigh with Santa as he flew through the air across the globe with floating and colorful presents that we wanted to just reach out and touch. The multitude of dancers appeared as if they were one and made it all look effortless. Everyone should experience the Rocketts at Christmas at least once in their life.

Lights, ringing bells, skaters under the golden statue of Prometheus, sidewalk vendors with huge woolen scarves while the Naked Cowboy and Cowgirl sported only underwear! The smell of roasted chestnuts hung in the air and huge skyscrapers looked down on Christmas trees at their feet. People escaped the hustle to sneak into St. Patrick's Cathedral for a moment of quiet reflection while the New Year's Eve globe stood silently tucked away until the big night!

This and so much more is NYC at Christmas and I was so thrilled to at least have one whirlwind day in the magic!

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