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  • Frances Schwabenland

The Nordic Spirit

Reflections on the Nordic Spirit

In the quiet hush of a Nordic winter's day

Beneath the blanket of purest white

Tombstones stand in silent light

Guardians of stories etched in stone

Echoes of lives once fully known.

As I walk upon the snowy ground

Footprints marking the path I've found

I feel a presence, ancient and wise

Whispers of souls who really never die.

I "feel" stories of resilience

When the cold gripped with its iron hand

Endless nights in vast isolated lands

This Nordic spirit

Through ice and snow, they journeyed on

Their story not only etched in stone but also in songs of rising

A courage to meet each numbered dawn.

May we honor their timeless strength and grace

Their Nordic spirit, their enduring embrace.

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