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  • Frances Schwabenland

A stunning Palette of Blues and Greens at Plitvice Lakes

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

It was definitely like a scene from a movie...winding our way through twisted tree covered dirt paths to then come out...(script direction...wait for it)...on such a breathtaking clearing. A vista of the greenest greens and shimmering clear crystalline blues. I have a very powerful Sony camera and it captured all the colors well but to be there, to see it in person was something truly awe inspiring and silence came over all of us.

Plitvice Lakes is in the Lika region of Croatia. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Croatia's oldest and largest national park, it draws over a million people every year. There are over 90 waterfalls that will silently call to you to just stop, raise your eyes and breath in the beauty. Looking down, there are over 16 lakes with the most stunning turquoise water one rarely sees. It was a true ethereal experience. Winding paths through a dense forest, steps, boardwalks and an electric boat will lead you through the park. It would be best to travel here in September or October and stay in a hotel near the park so you can be there first thing in the morning because it can get very crowded. We stayed at the Hotel Dengenija and I would give their on site restaurant 5 stars!

On the Unesco site, Plitvice Lakes is described as: "The extension of the dynamic, constantly evolving lake system, the proportion of the tufa barriers, jointly with the numerous dynamic waterfalls and clear water courses and the expression of colors, make Plitvice Lakes National Park an aesthetically outstanding natural spectacle of global importance." After my visit here, words fall short and there are not enough synonyms for beauty to convey the glorious colors in this gem of nature.

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