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  • Frances Schwabenland

Feel the Echo of Movement

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

As a photographer, I am usually either carrying heavy equipment when I am out on a shoot or else I am sitting at a computer for hours pouring over the images, loosing all sense of time. Needless to say that both of these take a toll on the body but for the very first time, I found an exercise practice that I am totally taken with and for me, that says a lot!

I came across Misty Tripoli's program entitled, "Body Groove".

There are several things that keeps me coming back for more of Misty. She has developed short philosophical videos about the importance of being in your own unique body and enjoying the confidence that that brings. Her dance videos are so inclusive of race, gender, age and size and she constantly encourages people to dance and move in their own way..."Do what feels good and right for you." The dance lessons are varied which definitely engages my short attention span. Some movements are jazzy and uplifting while others are relaxing and tension relieving.

I have never found a program like this and what could be better than dancing through the

day! She even offers a free trial month. Since I just started this website, I needed to reflect upon the focus. I wanted it to be dedicated to all things that honor and inspire with stories of people, travel, health and beauty. I have never met Misty and do not receive any kind of membership from is just me sharing something that I found to be unique, inclusive and a fun way to move through space connecting the body, mind and spirit! I bow to Misty in the spirit of Living Namaste!

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