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Portrait of a Hero in the time of covid

We The People of Hope and Healing

"Birth is the epicenter of women's power". Ari DiFranco

At a time when we are given a daily death count in the US, Liza Slauch RN is working tirelessly to help bring life forth. She is a labor and delivery nurse at Riddle Memorial Hospital and a Mother/Baby nurse at Chester County Hospital. 

"Covid has changed the birthing experience for our mothers but in return, it's given us more time to spend with them so they feel cared for and calm during such an uncertain and scary time. It's hard for them to be there without their families and significant others so we try very hard to be their biggest support during this monumental time."

This just points to the huge heart Liza has and her wanting to bring all within. 

She is part of a formidable couple...her husband Win drives from Oxford, Pa into Arlington VA where he has been a firefighter for years. Both are called to be there for people during the most intense moments to bring calm with their words of guidance. Liza is also a mother to two little ones, Maren and Gemma and their rescue dog, Elwood. Babies and children surround her and Liza somehow puts more into a 24 hour day than most. 

A baby forms within the womb protected by the amniotic fluid which provides nutrients, hormones and infection fighting antibodies. When birth is imminent, the water flows forth. Water is life giving. Liza is life giving. I used the flowing river in the Philadelphia Mural, "Moonlit Landscape" by Diane Keller and the words, "I Am Strong" from the mural entitled, "I Am The Atlantic by Josh Sarantitis because she reminds women of their strength day in and day out. I incorporated garden scenes, unfolding flowers and sunrise on the water. We need to be reminded that life is bursting forth into our world too. Liza is one of the first to hold that new life. She embraces hope for a new tomorrow. She is truly a hero among us. 

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