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  • Frances Schwabenland

The Burning of Evil

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I just love it when my friends and acquaintances know how much I am fascinated to learn and photograph cultural and religious events and invite me to join them. When my invitation came yesterday, I was there!

At the Bharatiya Hindu and Jain Temple ,they were having a night of prayer followed by the burning of a bigger than life effigy that lit up the night sky.

Dussehra denotes victory of good over evil and in many Hindu temples, it is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Rama over ten-headed demon king of Lanka, Ravana. Dussehra also signifies getting rid of sins or bad qualities as each one of the 10 heads on Ravana symbolizes an aspect that may hold one back from living in an enlightened state - such as lust, anger, delusion, greed, pride, envy, mind, ego, will and intellect. I was standing very close so I could photograph. The heat was intense as flames and debris rose into the night sky but I think that was appropriate as it carried away both the manipulative subtleties and intensities of evil. We may all walk different paths with free will but I think many seek the same guidance and grace to birth goodness and kindness. Cheering and chanting thanks and good wishes was the ending with people turning to leave and to carry this into the world. May that be as strong as intense as the flames were.

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